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Composition and Design Drawing Course – Draw a Fun Garden Scene Like a Master

Composition and Design Drawing Course – Draw a Fun Garden Scene Like a Master
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This is a course about creating a fun garden scene while learning powerful composition techniques. We will design the composition just as the master painters did in their . And well do it all without using the rule of thirds. In fact, well learn why the rule of thirds can be a compositional dead end for artists. Youll also learn how scenes like this can simply be drawn from imagination.

If you been stuck using the typical methods of composition like leading lines and rule of thirds, but still feel your art is missing that spark, youre in luck. In this course youll learn a ton of techniques, all which will give you the skills to create your own masterpiece full of unity, movement, strength, rhythm and more. 

This class is for bner and experienced artists. Surprisingly, not many artists know of this process because it was kept secret by master painters. The design techniques are as easy as drawing simple shapes. The only difficult part might be the rendering process as this is where students will vary in skill. You dont need any prior knowledge other than being able to draw simple shapes and have the desire to improve your composition skills.

This class will give you an extremely strong foundation for the rest of your artistic career. These techniques, if learned and applied, will forever set your work apart from the rest. Youll be able to communicate with visual clarity, know exactly where to place the subjects, and be in full control as to avoid mistakes and distractions.

Even though this is a drawing project, the techniques can be applied to painting, photography, cinematography, sculpting, graphic design, and many other visual arts.

If youre wanting to learn more about composition and design, and see how master artists applied them to their own art, check out my site. It has over 700 articles written specifically for composition, plus there are several books, and videos to learn from. Theres even a YouTube channel full of helpful videos to help artists of all kinds master composition.

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