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Zbrush to 3d Printing: Bring Your 3d Models to Life

Zbrush to 3d Printing: Bring Your 3d Models to Life
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Are you interested in 3d printing your Zbrush sculpt Would you like to create amazing characters, props and prototypes

If that is the case then I welcome you to this class. In this class you will learn all the necessary information to bring your ideas to life and into the real world thanks to the 3d printing technology.

My name is Abraham Leal and I have 11 years of experience in the 3D World. I own my own studio Critical Hit. We develop projects for the entertainment industry.

By the end of this class:

You'll be able to model good looking female characters with clothing, accessories in Zbrush from start to finish.

You will be able to plan and prepare a model for 3D printing

You will be able to print and clean your prototypes.

What will you learn:

Sculpting the female body

Sculpting Hair and Cloth

How to prepare models for 3D Printing

How to support models for 3D Printing

Rendering and Design

Who is this class for:

I have designed this class for intermediate 3d sculpting students, who want to learn about the 3d printing process while creating a complete character from scratch.

Who is not the ideal student:

This class is not designed for absolute Zbrush bners.

What should I know or have for the class:

I expect you to have some sort of basic Zbrush experience.

You should have Zbrush 2022 installed on your computer.

Access to a resin 3D printing is highly recommended.

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