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The Complete Binomial Expansion Course For O Level Add Math

The Complete Binomial Expansion Course For O Level Add Math
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Binomial Expansion for O Level Additional Math

What you'll learn
binomial expansion as tested in O Level Add Math (Syllabus 4049)
knowledge of quadratic functions and solving quadratic equations
In this course, we will cover the entire binomial expansion topic tested in O Level Additional Math (also called A Math or Add Maths in short).

This course is based on syllabus 4049. The entire chapter is broken down into bite-size to make it easy for you to learn. We will also be practicing many questions together. The topics that we will cover include:Introduction to Binomial ExpansionBinomial expansion(n!) and nCrUse of calculatorGeneral term in the binomial expansionFinding the coefficientHow to get the most out of your data bookletand more...In addition, we will be doing many questions together. What's Math without practice right =pThis is a FULL course on binomial expansion (based on the Singapore O Level Add Math syllabus - syllabus 4049). Not only will I be going through concepts, but I will also walk you through the questions step-by-step. We will also go through past prelim questions from various schools. Ultimately, the goal of this is to help you understand the concepts tested and be able to do the questions and score!This is a complete course on binomial expansion tested in O Level Add Maths. It's also the course that I conduct for my students taking the O Level A-Math. The entire course is usually covered in a 2-hour lesson. But, now, you have the opportunity to watch the entire class on-demand, any you like and re-watch it as many s as you want. What are you waiting for

Who this course is for
students taking O level Additional Mathematics (syllabus 4049)